Working Papers

  • Conceptualizing Sustainable Development from the Standpoint of Values in the Case of Iceland
with Janelle Knox-Hayes and Shekhar Chandra
  • Energy: Is There a Coming Transition?
with William Moomaw

Submitted Papers

  • Breaking Out of Carbon Lock-in: Malaysia's Path to Decarbonization
Frontiers in Built Environment, section Urban Science
with Lawrence Susskind, Yasmin Zaerpoor, Jessica Gordon, Selmah Goldberg, and Griffin Smith
  • Transportation Policymaking in Beijing and Shanghai: Contributors, Obstacles and Process
Case Studies on Transport Policy
with Joanna Moody and Jinhua Zhao
  • Transportation Policy Landscape of Chinese City Clusters: A Mixed Methods Approach
Transport Policy
with Shenhao Wang, Joanna Moody, Xuenan Ni, and Jinhua Zhao

Conference Paper Presentations

  • The political dimension of sustainability – why do policies in S. Korea fail to adapt to foreseeable risks?
The 2016 Dupont Summit at Washington DC, Dec 2016.
  • Tracing the Legacies of Low 'Intra-Regionness' in Northeast Asia: A Way Forward for Regional Cooperation
International Studies Association's (ISA) 56th Annual Convention at New Orleans, LA, Feb 2015.
  • Lessons Learned from the Hebei Spirit, Taean 2007 to the Wu Yi San, Yeosu 2014: The Impacts, Response measures, and Policy Implications
4th Annual Research Colloquium with Hitachi Research Institute at Medford, MA, Oct 2014.